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Moto 2.0 Goggle - Blackout


市價:$ 1,320 元   會員價:$ 1,320
數量 規格

Moto 2.0 features a wide peripheral arc for enhanced side vision. The frame's interior volume is large enough to fit over many styles of prescription eyewear.

Technical Details
Injection-molded flexible polyurethane frame
Flexible, impact-resistant polycarbonate lens to ward off flying debris
Woven elastic strap with double D-rings for fast, easy tension adjustment
Silicone traction strips on back of strap reduce slipping on the helmet shell
2-phase foam around eye port wicks sweat, dries fast, filters dust
Anti-fog treatment dissipates moisture build-up on inside surface of lens
Meets European CE EN1938:2010 standard for recreational motorcycle operation

Care and Maintenance
A motorcycle goggle's main function is to keep wind, dust and airborne particles out of your eyes. During their service, even good goggles like our Moto 2.0 will show wear. Straps will stretch and fray. Eye port foam will get dirty and tear. Lenses will scratch, or their anti-fog function will diminish. If the lens in your Moto 2.0 goggle becomes damaged in any way, replace it immediately. NEVER clean motorcycle goggles in a washer and dryer. Instead, remove the lens and clean it and the goggle frame with mild soapy water and a microfiber cloth. Next, pat the goggle dry with a soft towel. Let the frame and strap assembly air dry 24 hours before installing the lens.